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Pornhub launches Pornhub Records & song contest

Pornhub launches Pornhub Records & song contest

Pornhub has raised eyebrows once again this week with news that it has officially launched its own record label. Not content with merely dabbling in the music industry, it seems this summer’s involvement in the NSFW music video for Coolio’s ‘Take It To The Tub’ has inspired a new interest for the company. Pornhub Records was officially founded on Wednesday, according to Billboard.

“We’ve always seen a strong music presence from the beginning of Pornhub,” company head of PR and marketing, Matt Blake said. “Artists upload their own stuff, like uncensored tracks and R-rated versions of songs. Some people come in and upload exclusive videos, so it creates a buzz for them.”

Pornhub are now holding a song search for an official “anthem” for Pornhub, which is gaining a lot of interest from the various rock and alternative music news sites that are featuring the story. The winner will be chosen by a panel of “high-profile artists” (although this will not include Coolio), and receive $5,000 towards a music video that will be featured on the website with a minimum of 500,000 views out of the website’s average 40 million views per day.

“We’re looking for acts that aren’t necessarily porn-focused,” Pornhub VP Corey Price told Billboard. “We’re an ad-based network looking for content that appeals to our demographic. Mature lyrics for an adult audience; no boy bands or teen-pop, for instance. Producers, music technicians, everyone in the business you could imagine. There’s erotic folk, rap, country — everybody has come to us.”

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