Poll reveals what makes women ‘swoon’

Posted: July 2, 2014

Marilyn Monroe has been voted the most glamorous movie star of all time – but Megan Fox is sexier. And even though Sean Connery is the most glamorous male star ever, even at his Bond peak, he is no match for Johnny Depp when it comes to sex appeal.

The findings came in a poll of 1,432 people conducted for Swoon, a range of pleasure products developed by Lovehoney for Boots. Almost seven out of ten (68%) said that stars from the past were more glamorous than those today but current stars were voted the sexiest by 62% of respondents – even when they are both compared at their peaks.

Some Like It Hot beauty Marilyn attracted a quarter of the votes in the screen legends poll – just pipping Sophia Loren (23%) into second and Audrey Hepburn in third (14%). Megan Fox (14%) just beat Scarlett Johansson (13%) and Penelope Cruz (13%) as the sexiest current star.

Bond hunk Connery narrowly won the men’s legends poll with 21% of the votes, ahead of James Dean in second (19%) and Steve McQueen in third (14%). Johnny Depp is the hottest current male star – chosen by almost a quarter of respondents (24%) while George Clooney came second (13%) and Bradley Cooper was third (12%).

The survey found that the romantic gesture which is most likely to make us swoon was a weekend away at a luxury hotel, chosen by 29%. A hand-written love letter came second (17%) and a sexy voice was third (15%). A long lingering kiss is what make us swoon most in bed (23%), with an adventurous mind second (18%) and being unselfish in bed third (17%).

Swoon creator, actress and TV presenter Julie Peasgood [pictured], said: “What’s clear from the findings is that today’s stars may have more obvious sex appeal, but they can’t compete with the glamour of the real screen legends. Women may want to throw themselves at Johnny Depp, but Sean Connery at his peak as James Bond is more likely to make us swoon. Similarly today’s female stars were never going to be a match for Marilyn Monroe when it comes to glamour, but Megan Fox seems to have the edge on raw sex appeal. Whether Megan will be remembered with such fondness as Marilyn in 50 years’ time is another matter.”

Peasgood, the award-winning writer of The Greatest Guide to Sex, created Swoon for women and couples who were keen to try pleasure products but were a bit intimidated by current offerings. She said the results showed that women in particular still craved old-fashioned romantic gestures: “It’s interesting that women still crave gestures like hand-written love letters from their partners and romantic breaks away. They prefer to be seduced by a lingering kiss and an adventurous mind, rather than text messages or emails. There’s a lot to be said for these more traditional displays of affection which have worked for many generations of lovers.”