Plus points: Nexus favourites given no-cost upgrades

Posted: February 6, 2018

Nexus has announced that it has significantly upgraded three of its most popular lines while retaining the products’ existing pricing structure. The G Rider, Ridge Rider and entire G Play range is now waterproof, rechargeable, offers more stimulation functions, and boasts more power – for no extra cost.

Nexus says the unisex silicone toys have proven popular due to their versatility and their removable motors, which makes them easy to clean. The new models will still house removable motors but they will be charged with a USB lead instead of being battery operated.

“These products have been in our range for a long time,” explained Nexus director Monique Carty. “Though they are favourites, with time has come higher standards and we felt they should be improved to reflect what a good quality sex toy is today. As a high end brand it’s important for us to maintain high standards and stay ahead of the game.”

The new versions of the toys can be identified by a plus symbol [+] appearing after their names on the packaging, which has also been improved. “The best part of the upgrade is that prices of the new models will stay the same and in some cases be lower, thus not affecting customers in any way but positive,” added Carty.

For further information on G Rider +, Ridge Rider + and G Play + contact Monique Carty via or Kerri Middleton via