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Planet Earth takes on JBoa

Planet Earth takes on JBoa

Planet Earth has announced it is distributing the second piece of gentlemen’s jewellery from the Velv’Or range – the JBoa – a lasso-style penis ring that is adjustable and can help men sustain an erection and increase sensitivity during sex.


The JBoa follows JNaja, a solid-state curved penis ring which was launched earlier in the year. Unlike the JNaja, the JBoa uses flexible high-grade silicone, secured by an etched hand-finished stainless steel ring. This means that one size fits all, as it can be tightened during use to establish the perfect fit. The adjustable design means the risk of injury is reduced as the user can quickly loosen the device or easily remove it by gripping the metal loop and sliding off.


Planet Earth general manager Sam Godfrey said: “Velv’Or JNaja has been a massive success. We have been overwhelmed with enquiries for the product, so it just made sense to stock the JBoa, which we know will continue to capture the imagination of the public. Both the JNaja and JBoa are made with excellent materials, they each work fantastically well and the overall branding of the Velv’Or range is exceptional – men love it because it looks sophisticated and stylish and makes a device which normally would be a bit clinical or dull look elegant and desirable.”


The Velv’Or JBoa comes with a discreet cigar-style storage tube. For more information contact Planet Earth on 01924 333 320 or email [email protected]


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