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Planet Earth prefers blondes

Planet Earth Logistics has launched a new toy into the UK that appears, at first glance, to be an everyday alcoholic beverage, but a closer inspection reveals its true purpose to be a male masturbation aid.

Called Pure Blonde it consists of a robust outer unit with a ‘real feel’ masturbatory insert.

Planet Earth Logistics Director Louise Boote commented: “Pure Blonde is the most discreet adult product of its kind and it’s already gaining a great response, despite the fact we have only presented the product to a few trade partners. Although the Pure Blonde’s novelty is undoubted it has positioned highly in sensitivity, usability and quality tests.”

Pure Blonde is the first product in a new range of adult toys developed and designed by the same team that created the award-winning Sexerciseball range of products. For further information contact Planet Earth Logistics on 0870 756 4001.