Planet Earth has a ball with Masque

Posted: July 18, 2013

Planet Earth has added the Masque line of oral sex enhancers to its range. The dissolvable strips are designed to be placed on the tongue prior to sex. They disappear in little under a minute giving the user’s mouth an invisible barrier that neutralises the taste of sexual fluids. Primarily designed for women, once semen comes into contact with the tongue the Masque strip will give the user a burst of flavour – strawberry, chocolate, mango or watermelon – rather than the conventional tastes associated with oral sex. Masque strips, each of which is individually wrapped, are said to last between 15 and 30 minutes per use.

Sam Godfrey, operations director at Planet Earth, said: “Everyone loves oral sex, but we just don’t give enough. Masque will help encourage couples to rediscover the art of giving by offering a much more pleasant reward for their efforts. Not only is the product very effective, the packaging is just perfect for this kind of product as is the price point.”

Planet Earth says that Masque oral sex strips can be used without the other partner’s knowledge: “We believe this kind of delivery method is far superior to what’s on the market at the moment,” added Godfrey. “People who love flavoured lubricants are likely to prefer Masque strips because they taste so good, they last a long time and they completely neutralise other tastes.”

Although Masque oral sex strips have been primarily designed for use on men, they can also be used to enhance the flavour of female sexual secretions. For more information contact Planet Earth on 01924 333 320 or email