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Pjur survey reveals brand’s close relationship with customers

Pjur survey reveals brand’s close relationship with customers

Pjur spent the period between March and September 2020 conducting a survey of its users and received almost 2,000 responses from more than 30 countries. The lube manufacturer has revealed the first part of the survey’s results and it seems its customers are a loyal bunch, with 49% saying they have had a relationship with Pjur for “a long time” (with 6% of these saying they have been buying the products since launch in 1995). 39% said they have known Pjur “for some time” and 12% are relatively new to the brand. 64% described their relationship with Pjur as “very good” and a further 32% as “good”.

Asked about their connection to Pjur, customers said they associate it with intimate moments, with the advantages of the brand being “a pleasant feeling during sex” (21%), “high product quality” (18%), and “a long-lasting effect, without getting sticky” (19%).

37% of respondents said they first encountered Pjur during online research while 31% came across it in an adult store. 16% of people said they were introduced to the brand by friends.

The majority of the respondents (57%) were aged between 25 and 44 and 29% were aged between 45 and 64 and in a relationship: 31% had a partner and 26% were married.

68% of those surveyed identified as heterosexual, with 15% saying they were homosexual, 11% saying they were bisexual and 6% either didn’t care about gender, or they didn’t identify with any of the proposed categories. More information can be found at www.pjurlove.com

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