Pixey Future becomes one of O-Products’ bestsellers

Posted: June 7, 2018

O-Products has refreshed its Pixey brand, and it now consists of nine wand vibrators, each with their own special features and functionalities, wired and wireless, and top of the range is the Pixey Future. It boasts a futuristic design, optional LED light function, 10,000 rpm motor, five speeds, five vibration functions, and a 2.5 metre power cord. Available in pink and white (not pink and black, as erroneously stated in the June issue of ETO), it has become one of the bestselling lines at O-Products.

Other members of the Pixey family include Pixey Exceed which, with its 13,500 rpm motor is the collection’s most powerful wand; the Pixey Turbo, which runs at 12,500 rpm; the Pixey Mini in black/pink, which runs at 11,000 rpm; Pixey black/pink, which runs at 8,000 rpm; and the Pixey Recharge (12,500 rpm).

Apart from the Recharge, all Pixeys are wired to deliver uninterrupted vibrations.

“What makes the Pixeys different from other vibrators is that they are not only meant to stimulate yourself or your partner sexually, but you can also use them for an intensive massage for your shoulders or neck or other body parts thanks to its powerful vibration,” said O-Products. “Pixeys are the most powerful and strongest multi-speed vibrations that exist on the market. It is simply the most exciting and orgasmic sex toy you could own; it will leave you breathless and your senses overwhelmed!”

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