Pipedream demo notches up almost 1m views on hip hop site

Posted: August 11, 2014

Pipedream’s best-selling Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator has reached an entirely new market after WorldStarHipHop.com showcased the manufacturer’s instructional demo on its ‘today’s featured videos’ section on August 8th. WSHH is said to be the premiere destination for hip-hop news and content. Boasting four consecutive BET Awards for Best Hip Hop Blog Site and an Alexa rating of 228, WSHH is one of the largest mainstream online media sources to showcase Pipedream Products.

“Sudden requests for our black Fuck Me Silly have been pouring in all morning,” said Pipedream social media manager Sabrina Dropkick. “The traffic from today’s feature is just mind blowing – our website even crashed temporarily from the overwhelming influx of visits.”

After being uploaded to WSHH in the morning, the video had surpassed 540,000 views and 8,400 comments by the afternoon, more than any other video in the feature. Pipedream’s own website notched up an incredible three million hits during the day. By Monday the 11th of August the demo video had been seen almost a million times. Dubbed the “single man’s dream” by WSHH, customers can download the same video for in-store and online use under the Sexpert section of PDTV.