Picture this: Shots creates new Vive marketing materials

Posted: September 6, 2016

Shots Media has created new marketing materials for its Vive collection. The company says it has received many compliments for the marketing campaign it put in place when it launched the range and it has now added promotional videos and photos to support Vive.

The company’s in-house design team recruited a professional model and chose a unique location to create the images, the results of which are said to represent the ethos behind the brand and to also complement the toys’ designs. The videos provide additional information about the products and give an overview of the range. They can be used in-store to attract customers or added to the product page on the dedicated websites. “They are self-explanatory so the consumers will experience the toys, even without physically touching or seeing them,” said Shots.

These new materials are available in the Shots Imagebank. Customers who would like additional materials should contact their Shots account manager.

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