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Penthouse 3D launched

Pitched as Europe’s first pan-European 3D Adult channel, Penthouse 3D is now available between 10pm and 4am (GMT) on ASTRA 3B. The 100% 3D-HD channel is scheduled to broadcast a mix of hard and softcore programming with 30 hours of new content added monthly.

Penthouse’s parent company, FriendFinder Networks, said in its announcement: “The launch of Penthouse 3D reaffirms Penthouse’s position on the cutting edge of technology. 3D formats may be a relatively new technology, but it is simply a matter of time before 3D is a staple format like HD.”

FriendFinder Network CEO Marc Bell added: “We are very excited about the launch of the Penthouse 3D channel. Our goal is always to deliver the latest technology on the world’s best platform.”

Jacky Wauters, Head of NOA Productions – Penthouse channels’ European distribution partner – concluded: “Thanks to the increasing consumer acceptance of 3D, I am delighted to work with Penthouse to be able to satisfy the needs of the consumers and broadcasters alike who demand high quality, cutting edge entertainment backed by a solid and well established brand like Penthouse.”