Home Industry News Patent granted for hi-tech Motorbunny Buck

Patent granted for hi-tech Motorbunny Buck

Patent granted for hi-tech Motorbunny Buck

Motorbunny has announced that it has received a patent for its latest device, the Motorbunny Buck. Described as “the first and only ride-on-top power vibrator with thrusting technology that mimics real life movements” the Motorbunny Buck recently came to market as a power vibrator and thruster hybrid, offering users the choice of a flat, vibration-only experience, a ‘thrust’ straight up-and-down motion, and ‘G-thrust’ upward and forward movement for G-spot stimulation. The included Bluetooth-enabled controller, coupled with a new MB LINK app, allows users to control the various speeds and frequency of the device functions from their mobile phone or tablet.

“New products that combine sex and tech are being developed at an increasingly rapid pace, and we’re proud to have been a pioneer in that movement with Motorbunny LINK technology,” said Craig Mewbourne, CMO of Motorbunny. “To be able to continue to innovate in this competitive environment in a historic way is a real privilege. The validation of having a patent protecting the research and development that went into the original design of Motorbunny Buck is nice to have, but the true reward is in hearing how much our customers love it.”

For more information about the Motorbunny Buck visit https://motorbunny.com/products/motorbunny-buck