Pat Carrot targets supermarket sales

Posted: April 1, 2012

A Norwegian company is hoping to introduce sex toys into supermarket greengrocery sections with the launch of its first adult line, Pat Carrot. The product is the result of two years of research and development and extensive experimentation in intensive farming techniques by specialist growers Learton, which are based on 100 acres of farmland just outside Latal, Norway.

The firm’s Olaf Prilo told ETO: “We realise that women shoppers may be a little embarrassed to buy sex toys from a supermarket but if the product looks like a carrot, and is merchandised with other carrots and vegetables, then no one need know the lady’s intentions.”

Pat Carrot is indeed a real carrot, but it has been genetically engineered to grow into a gentle curve shape and develop a clitoral stimulator offshoot. Learton recommends that consumers use an apple corer to carve out a small hollow in the base of Pat Carrot and insert a third party bullet vibrator for maximum enjoyment.

A range of three herb flavoured lubricants, presented in olive oil-style bottles, is also available from Learton to complement the product. Each Pat Carrot is expected to have a usable life of around ten days before it requires replacing, though this can be extended by using a condom. Pat Carrots are sold to the trade by weight rather than volume and the cost price at the time of writing was €2 per kilo. Retail price per unit is at the buyer’s discretion.

Prilo concluded: “Pat Carrot is a consumable product, so end users will be back to buy more on a weekly basis, and although we have developed this product for supermarkets we will be delighted to supply adult retailers throughout Europe too.”

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