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Pasante launches canine condom

In response to the growing problem of unwanted dogs in Britain, Pasante, the UK’s fastest growing condom brand, is launching the ‘Condog’, the world’s first condom designed specifically for dogs*.

Since the start of the credit crunch, it has been reported that the UK’s streets are awash with more abandoned and un-neutered dogs than ever before. This new canine pregnancy aid hopes to turn the veterinary world on it head as an alternative to expensive castration costs.

Last year, animal re-homing centres reported a marked increase in the amount of abandoned dogs. The average cost of caring for a dog for life was recently estimated by The Guardian at £13,000 and, as belts tighten, dogs are set to be the latest credit crunch casualty.

Many of these animals arrive at animal centres pregnant due to their owners not being able to afford fees for essential operations such as castration or spaying.

As one of the market leaders in condom manufacture, Pasante identified a market for a product to help address this problem. The new Condog adheres to the same stringent standards as its human counterpart and meets all quality regulations holding both a CE and BSI Kite mark.

Pasante is confident the Condog will go a long way to calming a rising problem and greatly reduce unwanted pregnancies. It will provide several associations, such as the R.S.P.C.A. with stocks of the Condog from early April and will be on sale in most veterinary surgeries from the end of this month.

Pasante has created a short video to show pet owners how to fit the Condog to their pets, which can be seen at www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6YDNO_2Ebs&feature=channel_page

* Anyone doubting the veracity of this story should be aware that it was posted on April 1st 2009.