Panic attack: Barnett warns of ‘state-enforced censorship of the internet’

Posted: August 26, 2016

Former AITA chairman and Strictly Broadband MD Jerry Barnett has written a book called Porn Panic, which is out today, published by Zero Books. In its introduction, Barnett – who founded the Sex & Censorship campaign group in 2013 – writes: “This book documents the neo-puritans, their origins, and the numerous moral panics they have sown in recent years. These panics have been supported by a wide range of players, each with their own reasons for wanting to put free expression, and most of all sexual expression, back in its box. Ultimately their collective aim is to create the conditions for something that has not yet occurred in any democratic country; wide-scale, state-enforced censorship of the internet.”

Porn Panic’s 215 pages is made up of eight chapters entitled: 40,000 years of Porn, The Trouble With Winning, How Anti-Sex Feminism was Born, the New British Anti-Sex Movement, The Big Panic, The Suppression of the Female Body, Porn: What’s the Harm, and Free Expression on the Edge. It is available from Amazon, Waterstones, and a wide range of other book stores at a retail price of £13.99.

Speaking to ETO’s Paul Smith at last weekend’s Sexhibition, Barnett said: “I began writing it over three years ago, as a development from the Sex and Censorship blog. I began that as I felt industry bodies weren’t responding to changes in legislation and indeed, some parts of the adult trade welcome it – if PornHub become hard to access without putting yourself on a database… The book’s sold well in pre-orders so I have realistic, moderate hopes for it!”

More information on the title can be found here.