PalmPower sales continue to rise, says BMS Factory

Posted: February 16, 2016

BMS Factory has announced that worldwide sales for its PalmPower Personal Massager have continued to climb in spite of competing wands coming onto the market. The product was first introduced in the European and Australian markets in 2011 and BMS says it made an immediate impact: “Something that was this small in the wand category had never made vibrations so powerful before,” the company said. “When customers soon started to feel its power, word of mouth and a strong endorsement from shop owners really propelled the PalmPower to the top.”

The product is now on sale in all major world markets and last year BMS introduced the PalmPower Recharge, which offers almost the same power as the Original PalmPower but in a cordless, USB-rechargeable form. The pre-orders leading up to its launch made it one of BMS Factory’s strongest ever launches and subsequent sales have made it one of the company’s best-selling products.

A range of separate attachments are available for PalmPower and free of charge in-store displays can be requested by retailers. Contact your PalmPower distributor for more details or visit