Palm pilot: Creative launches its Predictive Pecker

Posted: October 31, 2017

Those who enjoy pulling a Christmas cracker will be familiar with the Miracle Fish – that little red plastic thing that is placed onto the palm of someone’s hand and tells their fortune. Now Creative Conceptions has launched an adult version, called Predictive Pecker, which is shaped to resemble a cock and balls instead of a fish.

Instead of predicting the user’s fortune, the Predictive Pecker issues instructions on how they should have sex. If just the bellend moves, the instruction is Give Head; just the balls means Hand Job; both ends will result in a 69; curling up at the sides will mean cunnilingus; no move means a missionary; flips over will be doggie style;, and if it crinkles up completely the user can choose to do all the other actions or just go to sleep (I know what I’d choose – Ed).

Creative Conceptions:

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