Oxballs’ latest launches now available at ABS

Posted: July 10, 2018

A selection of Oxballs’ latest releases have been added to the ABS catalogue, including Puppy Tails, the Hand Job Fisting Cock Sheath, silicone gags, cock rings, cock slings, ball slings, ball stretchers, nipple suckers, textured gloves, and sheaths.

“Our Oxballs toys are perfect for powering up your solo play and partner pleasure and we’ve made sure to cater for every experience level,” said ABS. “Our Puppy Tails come in four sizes – Pug (small), Beagle (Medium), Bulldog (Large) and Mastiff (XL). These tails are made from platinum silicone and fit your body perfectly, stimulating every internal sweet spot. Each one features a butt plug that’s stimulating but comfortable. Perform two of your favourite bedroom skills at once with our Hand Job Cock Sheath – perfect for fisting and sex at the same time. This unique fist shaped cock sheath is made from TPR that is firm but flexible for maximum comfort and pleasure. It is firm enough to feel like a real hand, but flexible enough to allow the thickest part of the toy to be inserted. The Pig Hole 4 is designed for experienced players who want a bigger, better experience that leaves them open to exciting possibilities. This hollow plug is made from platinum silicone and is textured on the inside. It also has a lip that adds an extra tug, while the ridges on the inside add intense stimulation just where it counts.”

Among the new willy wear lines are the Truckt HGV tyres-like rings, Ultraballs, which push the package up and out, The Ringer, a set of three rings, and Thruster, which is designed to help the wearer maintain a firmer and longer lasting erection.

ABS said: “Whether you’re looking for long lasting pleasure or creative and kinky puppy tail play, our Oxballs range keeps growing – and you’ll find something for your experience level and mood in our varied selection.”

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