“Outstanding” US reception for Opus E

Posted: July 24, 2019

The Opus E proved to be the star of Mystim’s stand at July’s ANME, with the company describing the reception it received as “outstanding”. The company added that the materials used and the product’s features also generated significant positive feedback from visitors.

Opus E is a masturbator that features an e-stim function. “Intense electrical conductive strips inside the sleeve send electrical impulses from the root to the tip of the penis,” said Lulu Shwartzer, Mystim’s sales manager. “With our Cluster Buster and Sultry Sub Black Edition, you can use the Opus E wirelessly.”

There are three Opus E variations on offer, with vaginal, anal, and donut sleeves.

“The Opus E is interesting for men who would like to try a masturbator with that certain extra”, said Christoph Hofmann, CEO and founder of Mystim. “All three models are hidden in a stylish deep matte black case with crystalline texture, which makes the new Mystim toys not only high-quality, but also particularly striking and masculine.”

A range of POS is available to support Opus E, including shelftalkers, posters, and rollups, along with an in-store display that features an integrated 7” video screen. For more information about Opus E visit www.mystim.com