Orion unveils new consumer catalogue

Posted: March 28, 2014

Orion has announced that it has launched a new 24-page catalogue for its Red Corner and Abierta Fina brands. The catalogue is designed for retailers to give to their customers, so there is no Orion branding featured within it.

Orion says: “The high class Abierta Fina label is the perfect lingerie cocktail of stylish erotic design – for unlimited provoking sensuality. This lingerie is perfect for ladies who like to present themselves in a sexy and stylish manner. Selected high-quality fabrics combine a luxury appeal with an easy-to-wear feeling, turning every lady into a real sex goddess. And hot moments are guaranteed with Red Corner by Cottelli Collection. This line of trendy clubwear offers the perfect combination of erotic style and flamboyance. Thanks to their fashion mix, Red Corner lines have rapidly become worldwide top sellers.”

The catalogues, which are in English, are available in packs of 50. For further details contact Ron Yates at Orion’s UK partner Darker Enterprises on 020 8114 1004, email ron@thamesroad.co.uk or visit www.darkerenterprises.co.uk