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Orion publishes its annual Sex Report plus results of new ‘sex under lockdown’ survey

Orion publishes its annual Sex Report plus results of new ‘sex under lockdown’ survey

Orion has released the results of its 2020 Sex Report, which was compiled earlier this year, and also conducted another survey to find out how sex lives have changed during the coronavirus crisis.

Over 16,400 Germans participated in the 2020 Sex Report and 75% of them declared themselves happy with their sex life. Of those that weren’t, the main reason (cited by 85% of men) was lack of sex, while others missed variety or blamed stress. Women tended to give personal reasons.

Only 6% of respondents had no experience with sex toys. Almost a quarter had tried out at least one toy while 63% had used more than one, leading Orion to conclude that they owned several products.

When it came to reasons for having sex, ‘I want to have some fun’ was the most common answer. The desire for intimacy came second for women, while an orgasm came second for men. Weekends were the most popular time for sex – and preferably in the evening. The most common day for Germans to get it on is Saturday – closely followed by Friday and Sunday.

The Orion Sex Report 2020 was completed in spring, before the coronavirus pandemic, so the company used its social media channels to ask how sex lives with or without a partner had changed during the crisis. A further 2,000 participants were asked again about this topic – 60% of them were men, 39% were women and 1% was gender-neutral/not stated.

“What’s surprising is not the fact that two thirds of the participants have the same amount of sex as before, but rather the fact that 36% of women masturbate more often or a lot more often, while ‘only’ 25% of men said this,” said Orion. “One in three men said that they used sex as a substitute for sport, while women were more likely to want to feel alive when they had sex. One in four women and one in three men said that they now watch more porn films. And three quarters of singles have more erotic fantasies than they did before the Coronavirus outbreak.”

While lingerie purchases at Orion declined between mid-March to mid-April 2020, sales of toys were up.

“The coronavirus crisis means that people have a lot more time on their hands because numerous leisure activities have been put on hold or can only happen sporadically,” said Orion. “Lots of people use this extra time that they now have for sex: 59% of the participants make more time for sex than usual. And the eagerness to experiment has increased for almost half of the participants – whether it be with new technology, a new sex toy or with a different position. Wherever and for however long, sex strengthens the immune system, whether it’s being enjoyed alone or with a partner – and that’s not just important during the coronavirus crisis. And it’s also good to know that even though the Coronavirus outbreak limits a lot of things, it can actually inspire love for yourself and a partner in many cases as well.”