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Orion marks 40th anniversary with new products, offers, and a retail competition

Orion marks 40th anniversary with new products, offers, and a retail competition

Orion Wholesale is celebrating its 40th anniversary, and it is marking the occasion with the release of special products, offers, and a competition.

Orion began as a small mail order company in 1981 and it has grown into a group with a B2C e-commerce side, over 160 stores in mainland Europe, and a wholesale business with customers in over 50 countries around the world. Up to 80,000 items leave its warehouse, located at its headquarters in Flensburg, Germany, every day.

Orion managing director Maike Rotermund [pictured] commented: “Everything has revolved around love for 40 years at Orion – and love is colourful and diverse just like life. Not only is this reflected in our products, but it’s also reflected in our team spirit as well. We have fun doing what we do because we get to devote ourselves daily to the most beautiful pastime in the world which is the main thing for us.”

She continued: “Orion is always open to creative ideas. It’s not unusual for great innovations to be thought of during a normal conversation over a cup of coffee or a flash of inspiration at a hotel bar on a business trip. We also use external ideas to become even more innovative. For example, we work together with universities and inventors, and we have already brought things onto the market with their help. And at the end of the innovation process, it is important to always have a high-quality product that customers can enjoy. We know that many of our products are used in the most intimate areas of the body. That’s why we adhere to the Children’s Toy Safety Directive and the strict German quality standards especially when it comes to the production of sex toys. We also give all the necessary information and certificates for the sale of the products to wholesale customers.”

The Anniversary Series is a collection of products inspired by Orion’s four decades in business, and the products carry rather bold taglines, including Ya Clit’s Gonna Love It, Ya Cock’s Gonna Love It, and Your Pussy’s Gonna Love It.

Special 40th anniversary offers on selected Orion collections will run until the end of the year, and information on the current ones – along with details of the competition the company is running, which has over 50 prizes – can be found at www.orion-wholesale.com

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