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Onliners warned over making claims

Online retailers who sell products such as Golden Root Complex should be aware that if they make any claims for its intended use then they may lose the right to sell it – and even including the product within a section entitled ‘sexual enhancers’ can be interpreted as ‘making claims’ for it.

ETO has learned that several online retailers have been contacted by the MHRA Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency), who have requested that the product be removed from sale for this reason.

A spokesperson for the MHRA told ETO: “Golden Root Complex is classed as a herbal medicinal product. It is neither licensed nor registered as a medicine, and can therefore only be sold under a special exemption which attaches strict conditions to the way it is sold and promoted. The most important condition is that it does not have any claims or recommendations for use made for it, either directly or by implication.”

Retailers who receive letters from the MHRA are given ‘every opportunity’ to comply with the request voluntarily, but if they ultimately fail to do so they will be committing a criminal offence.