Online learning portal for staff training launched by CalExotics and Jopen

Posted: July 28, 2015

CalExotics and sister company Jopen has introduced a co-branded learning forum presenting educational components for product sales training. Susan Colvin, president and CEO of CalExotics and Jopen, explained: “We are extremely excited to launch this online learning platform. Based upon many research studies we understand that consumers are greatly influenced by information available at the point of purchase. The endeavour aims to provide sales professionals with the education they need to understand our products.”

CalExotics Institute brings best-in-class educational segments combined with tests that allow sales professionals from the novelty industry to familiarise themselves with the newest products from CalExotics and Jopen, and also the latest sales techniques.

CalExotics Institute will begin with a course catalogue covering CalExotics collections Booty Call, Embrace, Impress, Jack Rabbit and Silhouette, and a Jopen course catalogue covering Vanity, Lust and Envy.

More courses will be added on a regular basis. As part of the companies’ commitment to its customers, the portal issues certifications at the successful completion of each product education segment, allowing companies to validate training has been completed. Certifications can be printed upon completion, and then turned in to management for filing. Each certification comes with a one year expiration and users will be automatically notified when it is renewal time.

Jackie White, vice president of CalExotics and Jopen, said: “CalExotics Institute is a great way to train new and existing employees. They can take the courses on their own time and at their own pace. Plus we are offering a ton of prizes throughout the programme. Make sure to sign up today.”

Retailers are encouraged to link directly to the site at or to join the CalExotics Institute visit or