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Onjoy erotic lifestyle site launches

A major new erotic lifestyle website has been launched by sextoys.co.uk, called onjoy.com, which is aimed at females. In addition to offering sex toys, the new site has a big focus on lingerie and it provides visitors with the very best expert advice plus news of coming events and the chance to discuss them in the onjoy blog.

“As much as the domain sextoys.co.uk is an asset, at times we do find it to be detrimental,” commented the firm’s Monique Carty on the launch of onjoy.com. “PRing and advertising can be a problem as media don’t always like to push things with the word ‘sex’ in it. We also find that as sex toys is a generic term it has been hard to establish it as a brand. Therefore, we felt that this could give us the opportunity to establish a brand that could be used in the mainstream arena with ease.

“We have stayed true to the sextoys.co.uk philosophy to service, value and easy navigation. We have just re-packaged it for the lady consumer. The toy catalogue has been streamlined and we have added lingerie and an interactive section to keep them coming back. The look and feel is gorgeously girly and reminiscent of a lifestyle portal.

“The response to onjoy has been so positive and bigger than we ever imagined. After analysing the site we have noticed that the most visited areas are the lingerie and the toys for her – showing us that we have reached the target audience we designed it for.”

Monique explains in more detail the reasoning behind the launch on onjoy.com in a dedicated feature in the July issue of ETO.