Oil be back: System Jo adds new massage oils to Dona range

Posted: January 31, 2019

System Jo has added five essential and natural massage oils to its Dona range. The firm says the vegan products contain 100% natural ingredients and their long lasting formulas both moisturises and rejuvenates the appearance of skin and also has aromatherapy benefits.

The five products appear to be named after their intentions: Reinvigorate (coconut and lime), Restore (peppermint and eucalyptus), Recharge (lemongrass and ginger), Revup (mandarin and ylang ylang), and Relax (lavender and vanilla).

The products are exclusively available in Europe through Eropartner Distribution, which said: “This carefully blended massage oil is created by adding uplifting essential oils to a blend of natural, nourishing and vitamin rich oils. [They are] suitable for a variety of skin types and uses and to relax tight and tired muscles.”

For more information visit www.eropartner.com