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OhMiBod unveils ‘next generation’ wearable technology

OhMiBod unveils ‘next generation’ wearable technology

OhMiBod has once again been rubbing shoulders with the leading lights in the technology industry at CES and this week it unveiled BlueMotion, which the company describes as the next generation of wearable tech. The annual Consumer Electronics Show takes place in early January in Las Vegas and 2014 marked OhMiBod’s fourth year at the event. The company’s new device uses Bluetooth technology and is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.

“For some couples, the explosion of the digital age has resulted in a shift in intimacy, as many pay more attention to devices than their partners,” said Suki Dunham, OhMiBod founder. “BlueMotion breaks down those virtual barriers by encouraging couples to interact both physically and emotionally using technology. They can experience the thrill of unlimited vibration patterns and total discretion whenever the mood arises.”

OhMiBod equipped the lightweight, slimline massager with a powerful motor that takes advantage of built-in smartphone features such as the accelerometer, touch screen, and volume controls, and the product can even record ambient sound up to 60 seconds: “BlueMotion’s recording function means limitless possibilities for singles and couples alike,” added Dunham. “Users can enjoy the vibrations generated by a partner’s voice or their favourite beats when and wherever they want. Features like this put BlueMotion in a class all its own for wearable tech.”

The massager connects to smartphones via OhMiBod Remote, an intuitive interface that allows the creation of unlimited vibration patterns on the fly. Customers can download OhMiBod Remote at no cost from the iTunes and Play Stores. BlueMotion is expected to hit the market in March 2014 and retail for around $129. For more information visit www.ohmibod.com or contact Eropartner Distribution, OhMiBod’s European distributor, via [email protected]