Oh La La Shop moves into wholesale with fetish range

Posted: September 13, 2018

Oh La La Shop has entered into a partnership with Atlantas Products Ltd which will see the online retailer distributing the brand’s leather products to the trade, starting at next month’s EroFame where Atlantas Products has taken a stand to showcase the collection.

The move into wholesale came as a direct result of the Brexit referendum, as Oh La La Shop CEO Emma Jones explained: “One sharp effect of Brexit has been the fall in the value of the sterling against the euro and American dollar. We had wholesalers falling over each other throwing new revised price lists at us which saw some increases of nearly 25% due to the weak value of sterling. This meant that I had to look further afield than Holland or California to secure products to sell on www.ohlalashop.co.uk.”

While browsing Instagram, Emma came across a range of fetish leather products which she thought would fit in perfectly with her existing stock and customer base. “I decided to take on the range,” she said, “and whilst in dialogue with the owner it transpired that he was looking for someone to wholesale the products in the UK and Western Europe. We had our first batch of samples only three weeks ago and we were blown away by the quality of the products we received. We know from the experience our friends Adam and Monica at Godemiche, companies can do both wholesale and retail at the same time.”

Emma continued: “The leather fetish products that we will be exhibiting with Atlantas Products at EroFame in October will show the depth and quality of the stock that we have to offer. We will be exhibiting everything from full leather hoods which retail at £39.99 and offer a very healthy profit margin to retail shops. There will also be products you would expect on the stand such as cuffs and crops. EroFame will also give us the opportunity to show customers some brand new designs and colours. We will be looking for feedback to take back to our factories so that we bring the best product out for launch in November in time for Christmas deliveries.”

Oh La La Shop has a dedicated sales team in the UK which will be visiting retailers interested in taking on the products. There is no minimum order charge and orders can be dispatched to anywhere in the world. For more information contact Emma Jones directly on 07886 346931 or visit www.ohlalashop.co.uk