O Diaries from Womanizer: “A serious e-magazine for strong women and men”

Posted: September 26, 2018

Womanizer has launched an e-magazine called O Diaries, which the company describes as a platform for the discussion of female sexuality in all its facets, with female empowerment, body positivity, sexuality and self-love being its predominant topics, with “no boring sex, no dating tips, and no distracting product placements”.

The e-magazine is bilingual and available in English and German. Retailers have the option to post links to the articles on their social media channels and to offer their customers content.

“An e-magazine may not seem very innovative at first, but O Diaries is more than just a corporate blog,” said Johanna Rief, head of communications at Womanizer. “We – as Womanizer – stand for more than ‘pure satisfaction’ and that’s reflected across all our channels. You won’t find articles such as ‘Ten tips to give a better blow job’ or ‘Five signs if your partner is serious’ – we aim to enlighten, entertain and empower our readers to strengthen their own sexuality through our writing and content. O Diaries is positioning itself as a serious e-magazine for strong women and men. It’s not merely an advertising platform for our sex toys.”