Nutaku takes it to The Next Level

Posted: November 2, 2016

Online gaming community Nutaku has launched a new online tournament titled The Next Level. The portal is dedicated to providing uncensored adult gaming content, and the games tourney will feature Nutaku’s most recent launch, Pero Pero Seduction.

The new game is an adult-oriented card experience which was created to engage users who want to further enhance their online fantasies. The aim is to explore the streets of Tokyo to develop and master the powers needed to unlock the suppressed desires of the city’s inhabitants, while facing off against rivals and seducing various anime characters along the way. The winner will receive a life-sized, anatomically correct silicone sex doll version of Lilith, the final game boss.

Nutaku’s marketing manager Robert Mann said: “Our games deal primarily with seducing anime characters and many users have told said to us that they wished the girls were real. While it sounds like a strange idea, we thought to ourselves; why not give them what they’ve been asking for?”

There is an online, safe for work video which further explains the tournament at

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