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NS Novelties release 2014 Winter Supplement

NS Novelties releases special edition Valentine's Day Muse

NS Novelties has announced the availability of their new 2014 Winter Supplement. Featuring more than 75 new novelties ranging from intense vibrators to oversized dildos, the full colour supplement is a resource for all new products set to release in the first six months of this year.

Consumer input played an important role in the company’s expansions on existing collections. Sinful will be adding a restraint belt, o-ring mouth gag, and bed restraint straps to its popular bondage accessory line. Renegade will be introducing its first inflatable anal plug and cock and ball harness, all-in-one device for men with its men’s pleasure system. The palm ballers will mark the addition of a white stroker. Crystal will be expanding with Noir – sleek, black glass plugs and wands and Pops – newly shaped plugs in clear, black, and blue. The Muse collection has also expanded with its special edition red Muse.

“We listen to our consumers and their wants and needs,” said Leslie Shwartzer, sales executive for NS Novelties. “When people offer suggestions on how to improve on a particular product line, and the demand is high enough to warrant a change, we absolutely take their input into consideration. Our 2014 Winter Supplement is a reflection of that.”

The supplement will also feature an assortment of innovative new product lines including the introduction of Starlight Gems – powerful vibrators made of flexible TPE, with an added aesthetic sparkle and Kinky Camo – a line of bondage gear in rugged, edgy canvas and vinyl camouflage.

“We’re debuting a diverse collection of new products this season,” said Lavi Yedid of NS Novelties. “These items adhere to the highest standards we’ve set as a company. Vibrations are powerful, shapes are original, designs are fresh, and as with all of our products, they’re body-safe. We couldn’t be more excited to introduce to the market each of these items-all of which were created specifically to provide the best possible sensual experience for the consumer.”

The 2014 Winter Supplement will be available for download on the NS Novelties website here.


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