Novoluto GmbH issues statement regarding legal dispute with EIS GmbH

Posted: October 6, 2017

Novoluto GmbH has issued a statement regarding a legal dispute with EIS GmbH. The statement reads in full: “At the beginning of the year, Novoluto GmbH (c/o Womanizer), a subsidiary of Womanizer Group Management GmbH (WGM), filed a lawsuit against EIS GmbH and a decision was taken in the favour of the former before the District Court Munich I.

“In its judgement dated 03.08.2017, the Munich I District Court ordered EIS GmbH in the first instance to refrain from advertising contact/ pressure wave vibrators with the name ‘Satisfyer Pro 2’ with the supplement ‘patented technology’ in business communications, as long as no patent in favour of the defendant had been granted for the technology used in the contact/pressure wave vibrator with the name ‘Satisfyer Pro 2’.

“Johannes von Plettenberg, managing director of WGM, is satisfied with the decision, stating: ‘We believe in our innovative technology, in which we have invested a great deal of work and expertise. Our Pleasure Air Technologie offers customers genuine added value. We therefore proudly refer in our communication to patents granted in Germany and the USA, as well as to the patenting process in other markets. Companies such as EIS GmbH, who do not own any patents to this technology, but who use untrue advertising statements such as ‘patented technology’, do not only impair trustworthiness in our sector, but mislead customers to a high degree. It is reassuring to know that German law does not tolerate this kind of action, and does not accept breaches of competition law. In particular, it confirms the course we have pursued – to deal decisively and with the necessary severity against market participants of all kinds behaving unlawfully.’”