November issue available to read online now

Posted: November 9, 2016

The November issue of ETO is available to read online now and it’s probably the most ‘showbusy’ for several years, with a whopping ten pages of coverage for EroFame plus a further seven pages devoted to Venus. So if you chose not to attend either event last month you can still get a taste of what you missed – without having to endure the tedious travelling or playing the post-Brexit currency exchange rate game (spoiler: we lose at both ends).

We also highlight a selection of Stocking Fillers and Rockin’ Thrillers for the festive season; Mel MacFarlane uncovers some sexy little numbers to warm up a cold winter night; we talk about the new ABS catalogue – and cocks – with Glenn Wilde; Violet Fenn tells us what women want; Kay Jaybee has some suggestions on how the industry could team up with writers of erotica; Yen-Pei Chen advises retailers how to save tax when refitting their stores; Renee Denyer takes us behind the counter at Sh!; and our Mystery Shopper enjoys a five-star experience near Covent Garden.

All this and much more can be found in the November issue of ETO, which registered visitors to our site can access online right now by clicking here.