Noir hits the streets of London

Posted: January 6, 2015

Give Pleasure Products has announced that to enhance brand awareness and retailer support it has started distributing Noir sachets on the streets of London. Launched in 2014, Noir is a luxury silicone based lube with added skin care ingredients and is the world’s first lube developed and branded for black skin.

Give Pleasure Products MD Nigel Powell said: “General lube sachet sampling is usually a very scattergun approach. With Noir it is different. Our target consumer is easily identifiable due to skin colour. Staff in branded clothing are targeting various areas of London and with over one million black people in London alone there’s a multitude of new consumers to engage with and introduce the product to. We’ll soon be doing the same process in Birmingham too.”

Noir is available in 100ml bottles and has a suggested retail price of £12.99. For more information contact Give Pleasure Products on 01452 223055, visit or email