No socks please, we’re Mystim

Posted: December 2, 2015

Electrosex specialists Mystim has launched five Christmas gift sets for the nice and the naughty among us and is promoting them under the tagline ‘Give sex (toys) not socks for Christmas’. Christoph Hofmann, CEO of Mystim, explained: “We’ve got the ideal present for everyone: for you, your loved one and even your dear old mother-in-law – after all, our electrical pulses can provide a real shock if you want them to. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been on Santa’s nice or naughty list – we bet we’ve got something for everyone.”

Mystim has also taken care of the gift wrapping, as each set comes in a black organza bag with a little gift tag. The sets are available now at a special discounted price until the end of the year and are named Nice Girl, Naughty Girl, Nice Guy, Naughty Guy, and Couples Fun.

Nice Girl contains a massage candle from Petits Joujoux and the Mystim Bon Aparte vibrator: Naughty Girl also contains a massage candle from Petits Joujoux but with a Sizzling Simon electrosex vibrator; Nice Guy contains Rodeo Robin and the Tension Lover digital electrosex device; Naughty Guy includes a cock cage with an e-stim urethral probe; and Couples Fun features the Rodeo Robin for him and Current Conrad for her. For more information