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No more Novelties: Blush announces strategic rebrand

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Blush has undertaken a strategic rebrand that it says highlights its expansion into education, innovation, and inclusion. The first step in Blush’s rebranding was a name change. Previously known as Blush Novelties, the company has been doing business as Blush to reflect a shift in the adult industry. No longer considered “for novelty use only,” pleasure and intimacy products are more mainstream than ever with consumers and retailers seeing them as essential self-care tools.

“Blush recognises the value of sexual wellness products in a healthy and happy lifestyle,” Blush CEO Verna Meng said. “We create the highest quality products, and our consumers’ safety and wellbeing are a top priority. These products truly are self-care tools, and at Blush, we have outgrown the ‘Novelties’ element that was once a part of our branding. We create vibrators, massagers, c-rings, and more – these are wellness products that serve a need!”

The last year has seen Blush unveil its Blush U Retail Education Initiative and Sexual Wellness Training Program, which features live and pre-recorded events hosted by resident content creator and sex educator Tawney Seren and custom-designed to help adult retailers, staff, and customer service support provide customers with the best in service and sexual wellness products. As the company continues to evolve, it says customers and retailers can look forward to exciting new products, education tools, and packaging in the near future.

“Education is especially important to normalise conversations about pleasure,” Blush sales manager Nancy Cosimini said. “We can break down barriers, destigmatise sexuality, and make it easier for customers to find value in our products right away. Our new mission statement makes our commitment clear: Blush is a sexual health brand committed to pursuing pleasure with innovation, education, and inclusivity. Our mission is to enhance intimacy with thoughtful products designed to celebrate all bodies.”

To view Blush’s newest catalogue visit https://blushlove.com