‘Nexus Generation’ online platform launched

Posted: September 23, 2015

Nexus has created a new online platform for consumers which promises to both educate and stimulate. The firm says that Nexusgeneration.co.uk will act as a hub for fans of the brand or those interested in sex toys and adult lifestyle topics in general.

“We are super excited to launch Nexusgeneration.co.uk,” said Nexus director Monique Carty. “The new website will enable us to connect with consumers and vice versa like never before. We now have a community to communicate on an entirely different level than our shopping website.”

The new website includes general adult news, Nexus product information, sex and relationship features, reviews and even forums to enable like-minded people to connect. Nexus is also predicting that the new website will enhance sales for retailers as the platform will enable the brand to convey its brand values in a more stimulating way. Retailers of Nexus can also ask to be added to the site’s stockists list. Nexusrange.com will still exist and work as a shopping platform for both trade and consumer users.