Nexus Femme introduces Bisous POS for retailers

Posted: December 10, 2013

To support the launch of Bisous, its first female product, Nexus Femme has produced a collection of POS materials for retailers. Online retailers have a selection of lifestyle imagery and a CGI video whilst bricks and mortar stores have product display stands and A5 display posters.

“Communicating what makes Bisous so special is highly important,” said Nexus director Monique Carty. “Bisous is not just another vibrator and the POS we provide demonstrates that.”

As with the Nexus range, Bisous will also have a dedicated sales sheet for in-store staff to enable them to learn about the brand and the product’s USPs. Bisous has already received recognition from  overseas trade magazines before it has even been launched – EAN decided it was the Product with the Most Potential in October and it recently picked up an XBiz nomination for Innovative Sex Toy of the Year – Design.

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