New videos available from Jopen

Posted: February 7, 2014

There are 49 new product videos available from Jopen, ready to stream, download, and order on DVD.

The company have said that they create these videos as impact rich sales aids to help you to educate the consumer, draw traffic to your website, or play on a store monitor in your premises. Upload them to a tube site and integrate them into your blog to augment your marketing and social media efforts.

All the videos can be found on their YouTube page. The videos are also available on DVD. There are three versions: one has MPEG video files which are good for webmasters (JO-0000-30-10), or anyone who needs individual videos. The second is looped so it is ideal for in-store play (JO-0000-30-11). The third is a looped PAL version (JO-0000-31-12).

Additionally, videos are displayed on each product’s page on the Jopen website.