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New sexual health products from Net 1on1

New sexual health products from Net 1on1

Net 1on1 has added a number of new sexual health products to its stock range. The company’s portfolio now includes exercisers to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and tackle the effects of some STIs, carrageenan-infused lubricants to help ward against HPV, a range of delay, textured and flavoured condoms which make contraception fun, easy-to-clean dildos and massagers, dishwasher-safe menstrual cups, enema kits, douches and cleaners.

Net 1on1 MD Tony Gonzalez [pictured] said: “As the spread of STIs using sex toys is a concern around the developed world, we will be bolstering our sexual health product portfolio by introducing new, great value products for retailers in 2016 from new brands such as Femintimate. These toys provide consumers with innovative ways to manage and protect their sexual health and combat against some of the symptoms of STIs. The worldwide sex toy market is now said to be worth an estimated $15 billion, and with initiatives such as National STI Awareness Day (14th January)  and Sexual Health Week and National HIV Testing Week later in 2016, there has never been a better opportunity for sex toy companies to help educate consumers with exciting new products and solutions.”

The new products include the ImtimRelax by Femintimate, which is described as a revolutionary exerciser designed to help women rediscover their sex lives by alleviating the effects of Vaginitis or vaginal inflammation. Vaginitis can result in discharge, irritation, itching, pain and discomfort during intercourse. Net 1on1 says the product’s three uniquely shaped devices are designed for daily insertion, and this re-educates the vagina over time by expanding the canal, improving elasticity and gradually reducing pain and the fear of penetration. The devices are designed to provide comfort and differ in size and diameter, allowing the user to work at their own pace.

Net 1on1 is also now carrying Femintimate’s Kegel Balls and Pelvix Muscle Trainer and the EVE Menstrual Cup and Cleaner, which is said to provide an innovative, safe, convenient and environmentally friendly way for women to ensure a clean period. The cup has been designed for extended use for up to 12 hours, and is made from silicone so that it is comfortable, antifungal, and can be sterilised in the dishwasher.  Also new is Femintimate’s the Dual Vibrating Massager and Vibrating Universal Massager.

Net 1on1 is also now stocking new condoms such as Safex Delay, Pasante Taste and Dotted, and Skins Black Choc, along with Sliquid’s Oceanics Carrageenan Natural Lubricant, which is said to heighten the experience of using sex toys and help to safeguard sexual health when used with contraception. Net 1on1 says that Carrageenan is one of nature’s most effective lubricants and it has been shown in some laboratory tests to help prevent the spread of HPV (Genital Warts).  For more information visit www.1on1wholesale.co.uk/wholesale-service