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New self-testing kit from Cobeco

Cobeco Pharma has introduced a new Chlamydia self-testing kit for women. The company says that while a urine test for the STD is reliable for men, it is less so for women, but women can now carry out a home test for themselves using just a cotton swab stick. The kit will give a result after just 20 minutes.

A spokesperson for Cobeco Pharma said: “The BodyTest Chlamydia offers women an additional option besides the regular surveys conducted by doctors and STD clinics. Women who, for whatever reason, do not want a test done by their doctor or at a STD test site can now get a self-test result.”

The company said that a negative result will mean no Chlamydia is found but emphasised that a positive result should always be followed by further examination and must always be confirmed by a doctor. Reliability of the self-test kit is said to be 98% and it retails at around €20.

Cobeco Pharma also supplies BodyTest Gonorrhea and BodyTest Syphilis. For more information email [email protected]