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New satellite channel launched

New satellite channel launched

A three-way partnership of UK adult producers has come together to create a new adult satellite channel; CXUK Television. Due to its hardcore content, this new channel will not be available in the UK but will carry British and Irish content. Launched in association with Pixellife and Azercosmos, based in Azerbaijan, it began beaming into Georgia on May 22nd, ten days ahead of schedule.

The men behind the new project, David Gray, Darren Barker and Paul Taylor, are providing UK programming for the encrypted channel, while the satellite platform will also feature free-to-air content. It’s hoped UXUK will also produce live/interactive programmes, in addition to prerecorded content. While hunting for other appropriate material from the UK, the team will continue to add to the current four hour looped broadcast, which is being transmitted 24/7.

Heading the company, David Gray – better known as Freddie to his many fans – is keeping it in the family; his wife, adult star Tracey Lain, is one of the channel’s presenters. On signing the contract David said: “This will open up a new revenue source for producers under strain from government intervention in the UK. It’s a brilliant opportunity for UK websites, toy and other adult product companies to expand into new territories too, as it is planned to feature interactive payments on the channel.”

The deal comes after long negotiation stemming from a meeting with the satellite uplink company at the Venus show in Berlin last October, and follow up meetings in Luxembourg and Cannes. The satellite broadcast footprint for the new channel includes the Eastern European Caucasus territories, the Middle East, Central Asia, and South Africa. There are also deals in place to feed cable companies and hotel networks in Africa. Additional territories are available for the service to expand its coverage at a later date.

The channel has also had significant funding from investors to produce new content for broadcast, and David says further new investors and content providers would be welcome. Dave and the rest of the CXUK team can be contacted via [email protected].

[Pictured left to right: Paul Taylor, Dave Gray and Darren Barker.]