New rings and Rocket Douche from Bathmate

Posted: November 10, 2017

Bathmate has launched five new products – a douche and four rechargeable vibrating cock rings. The Hydro Rocket Douche is a personal hygiene device designed to be used in the shower as a complement to a cleansing routine. It features an easy-squeeze 325ml capacity bulb with a non-return valve that prevents water flowing back into it. As its name suggests, it is shaped like a rocket and it has actually been into orbit. The product was hitched to a balloon and reached 112,000 feet before the balloon expired, which makes Bathmate believe it has set a world record for the highest adult toy.

The rechargeable vibrating cock rings are made out of Bathmate’s new Elastomex formula which is combined with a rechargeable three-speed vibrating bullet. The Strength and the Eight are said to heighten pleasure by restricting the flow of blood, resulting in longer lasting erections and increased sensitivity of the penis. The Stretch is designed to imitate the tightening sensation felt just prior to climax, while the Tickle is designed to give intense stimulation to both partners, and it can be worn facing upwards or downwards.

Bathmate’s plans for 2018 include a unique add-on to its pump range “that takes a hydrotherapy work out to the next mind blowing level” plus the firm’s very first female product. For further information and pricing details email