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New portable Magic Wand added to Loving Joy range

New portable Magic Wand added to Loving Joy range

Net 1on1 Wholesale is expanding its Loving Joy Essentials range with a new wand vibrator in response to market demand. The firm added the Vita wand to its Loving Joy brand last year, and it was reportedly an instant hit with both retailers and consumers. Rechargeable and cordless, Vita was also well received by the blogging community, where it was praised for its power despite not being mains operated like its competitors.

“We are really proud of the Vita,” said Sebastian Gonzalez, Net 1on1’s sales manager. “It didn’t just perform extremely well on the market, but it managed to buck some expectations too. People often think that rechargeable toys and their vibrations cannot be that powerful, but the Vita can easily give some mains operated wands a run for their money. After more than a year since its release it continues to be one of our best performing products, and we had a busy 2019 release-schedule too.”

The new Loving Joy 10 Function Magic Wand Vibrator, available in black and purple from the end of February, is aimed at the lighter, portable end of the wand market.

“The success of Vita really made us think about our Loving Joy catalogue and the fact that we need more wands in our offering,” continued Gonzalez. “There’s still a huge demand for more affordable, battery-operated pleasure products that new sex toy users can easily pick up without making a huge investment or commitment. The new Loving Joy magic wand duo fulfils this brief perfectly – these wands are incredibly easy to use, battery operated so no need to charge them or keep tabs on their charging cables, they are small, light and portable, and they are available at a price point that will be really appealing to customers both off- and on-line.”

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