New packaging unveiled for Cottelli

Posted: August 27, 2015

Orion has announced that from September 2015 its Cottelli Collection of lingerie will be supplied in new packaging, described by the firm as more modern, more innovative and more promotional.

“The new packaging is made of a high-quality cardboard box that can also be used as packaging for gifts,” the company said. “This cardboard box is covered in an additional slipcase with a detailed image of the respective product, as well as a description of the product in nine languages. The new product images are more emotive, more passionate and more seductive, and they therefore increase the customers’ incentive to buy the product. Not only is the new packaging an eye-catcher and guarantees a sale, but it also is more environmentally friendly in comparison to the existing blister packaging.”

For more information contact Darker Enterprises, Orion’s UK distributor, on 020 8114 1004 or visit