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New mag targets bi-curious men

Great Yarmouth-based XD Publications’ portfolio of contact magazines takes a distinctly ‘bi-curious’ twist this month with the release of Hot Male Contacts. Retailing at £7, this glossy A5 publication contains the direct contact details of gay and bisexual escorts, masseurs and masters throughout the United Kingdom. XDP say it is the first gay/bi contact magazine to be released for a couple of years, but editor Suzy James expects it to have a particularly strong appeal to straight and even married men.

She said: “When my distributors first suggested I publish a gay contact magazine I had a pretty clear idea of what that meant, but as soon as I started researching the mag, it became clear that the potential readership was much more diverse than I had originally assumed. All the gay escorts I spoke to wanted to pitch their ads at a real mix of clients – not just gay and bisexual men, but especially ‘bi-curious’ straight and married men. It seems there are a lot of men out there who don’t identify as gay, but who like the idea of experimenting with another guy. Maybe they like the idea of sucking dick or having a real, live cock up their arse. These are things they can’t experience in a heterosexual relationship, so their thoughts start turning to playing round with guys.”

For more information about the full range of contact magazines from XD Publications visit www.xdpublications.co.uk and retailers interested in stocking Hot Male Contacts should contact Suzy James at suzy.james@hotmail