New lingerie brand for small bands and large cups

Posted: March 3, 2015

Bosom Galore, a new, UK-manufactured luxury lingerie brand, is launching on March 9th. The firm says that due to the poor availability of luxury lingerie in small band and large cup sizes, it will specialise in sizes from 26E to 34H with plans to expand the size range further.

The brand was founded by Katy, a small band and large cupped woman who felt neglected by the lingerie industry: “Throughout my many years of bra shopping I have found that very few shops offer bras for my band size (28),” she said. “The few shops that do seem to only offer lingerie made from cheap and uncomfortable fabrics that feel coarse against my skin and in styles that are often frumpy and in garish colours.”

The first two Bosom Galore lingerie sets – the Amelia and Classique – are designed to give a beautiful shape and provide a high level of comfort.

Despite the significant financial appeal of offshore manufacture, Bosom Galore says that it is more important to support the UK textiles industry and so will produce all of its lingerie in the UK. For more information visit