New Kitten lines make ABS purr with delight

Posted: December 3, 2015

ABS Holdings has announced that the Allure Kitten lingerie range has proven so popular with its customers that it has added a number of new lines to its range. These include dresses, bodysuits, tops, tanks, catsuits and accessories such as gloves for dress-up and role-play.

“As always the Kitten range features a beautiful glossy wet look finish for a raunchy rock twist,” said an ABS spokesperson. “The fabrics have a bodycon quality that really shows off your curves with detail like cut-outs, lace, slashes and mesh finishing the looks to perfection. The new Kitten pieces include a lace and wet look dress that blends fantasy with a feminine finish as well as a wet look halter dress in plus size, for girls with confident curves. We’re stocking an amazing range of plus sized pieces as we know our customers love variety and we know that this saucy new selection will be flying off the shelves just like previous Allure pieces – another great extension to our already popular Kitten range.”

ABS Holdings:

[T] 01202 868511