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New features and functions for Scala Playhouse site

Scala Playhouse has revamped its trade website, giving it a fresh new look and adding sophisticated search and sorting features. Scalaplayhouse.com now offers much of the functionality of a consumer website, with detailed product specifications and expandable thumbnail images.

When looking for a particular product, customers can search by name (even part-name) or article number and narrow the results down by sorting items by price, release date or popularity. Additionally, customers can search through Scala’s products via filters. Selecting the ‘vibrators’ category brings up almost 800 items, for instance, but the following filters can be applied to refine the search: brand, release date, colour, material, battery type, gender and whether the product is waterproof, multi-functional, remote control or has batteries included.

Retailers now have instant access to market snapshots such as which colours are most common (for vibrators – pink, followed by purple, black and blue; for strap-ons – black, followed by purple, pink and flesh); which brand offers the most butt plugs (Doc Johnson, followed by ToyJoy and Seven Creations) and what material most jiggle balls are made from (ABS plastic, followed by silicone and PVC). Alternatively customers can opt to see all the products from a particular brand or they can browse by category and see at a glance which are the most popular items or the most recently released lines.

“So far we have had a great response to the new features and look of the website,” said a Scala Playhouse spokesperson. “The new search and sorting filters have been particularly well received. The enhanced website is the direct result of customer feedback, which is very important to us.”

For further information visit www.scalaplayhouse.com