New Crystal tips & willywear from Orion

Posted: March 26, 2018

Two new Crystal Skin sleeves from You2Toys are now available from Orion Wholesale. The transparent penis sleeves can be put on an erect penis with the help of water-based lubricant to instantly lengthen the penis.

One sleeve is attached to an adjustable black harness, which means that it can be thrust into a partner without it slipping off, while the other sleeve is held in place by an integrated testicle ring and makes the penis both longer and firmer.

The new Crystal Skin sleeves are supplied in packaging which carries a description of the product in various languages and it can be stood up or hung on a hook for display purposes.

For more information contact Darker Enterprises, Orion Wholesale’s UK distribution partner.

Darker Enterprises:

[T] 020 8114 1004